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Our Journey

Our passion to delight you with India’s favorite food ‘Biryani’ took off from Indiranagar, Bangalore in Aug 2017. Since then, we have delighted more than 200,000+ customers. Our journey has just begun with the support of a 100+ member team who work passionately and relentlessly to delight you every day with the finest authentic Biryanis.

Our Promise

“We go to great lengths to please your senses with delicious food”










Our Biryanis

India’s favourite food, is a meal in itself and very nutritious. There are more than 15 varieties of Biryani across India. However, we believe authenticity and choice of biryanis did not transcend from one region of India to another. At Potful, we are working towards bridging that gap by having a single platform offering Biryanis from across the country to your satisfaction. In addition, each biryani is prepared fresh against an order in an earthen claypot and delivered to you in the same claypot, hence delighting you with the most authentic form of Dum cooked Biryani.

Brand Potful

As the name suggests, brand stands for Potful of authentic food. Our brand represents the values and the passion at work viz Potful of Joy, Potful of quality, Potful of honesty and many more.

We care

Potful's mantra is multifold, to ensure you get Biryani that delights your senses, is healthy for you to eat, is presented in a environment friendly manner, and helps you in giving back to the society. It is a known fact that, food cooked in an earthen pot is the healthiest form of cooking. So, when you order an authentic Biryani with us which is cooked and presented in an earthen pot, you are actually eating healthy food, and are also saving our planet by not using plastic. Our clay pots are handmade by artisans, so by ordering with us, you are supporting their livelihood. In addition to 2 cooking and presenting the Biryani in an earthen pot, we also provide coriander seeds with every biryani and encourage you to re-use the pot at home by growing coriander and other vegetables.

Our Founder

Mr. Lokesh Krishnan. Lokesh holds a B.Tech degree from UAS, Bangalore and EPBM from IIM Kolkata. Prior to his entrepreneurial journey with Potful, he had held various strategic & leadership roles in FMCG and retail industry for 18 years. He was also the Director for Food and a Member of the Board at Metro Cash & Carry, India.

Our Vision

Our vision is to delight every consumer in the world with authentic Biryanis from across India, building an Indian Biryani brand on a global F&B platform that the consumers become passionate about.

Potful Promise

We go out of our way to make your day with delicious food to delight your mood.

Authentic Food

Always Made Fresh

Delicious Experience


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