Indian food & taste preferences vary from state to state and even within one another. Biryani : is one of the few dishes enjoyed by everyone in India and abroad irrespective of geography, age, income or gender. It’s a tasty meal in itself and very nutritious. This age old delectable dish of India is also very popular around the world for its flavour and spices. We believe that Biryani is a commodity in India which has limitations in both variety and authenticity. We at Potful are passionate to offer India and rest of the world, The Authentic biryanis of INDIA on a tech platform.

A. Variety

While there are more than 15 flavours of biryanis available in India, Hyderabadi and Awadhi are the only two well known flavours across the country. Over and above, options for great Awadhi biryani in South India is limited and is the same for Hyderabadi biryani in rest of India. With our cities becoming cosmopolitan, the needs are different and one taste fit all simply doesn’t work any more. We understand that customers are seeking variety and flavours from across India and rest of the world. Keeping that in mind, we are offering 4 flavours of India (Hyderabadi, Calcutta, Lucknowi and Bangalore Donne biryani) to begin with and many more in the near future.

B. Authenticity

Biryani has become a commodity. Every restaurant, big or small has some form of biryani on their menu. Very few know/make biryani the authentic way. for e.g. Proper use of brass pots, wood fire, clay pots, Pure spices and many more ingredients. We are offering two varieties of biryanis to food lovers of India. One, Authentic biryanis cooked & delivered in the same clay pot to ensure you experience real flavours of biryani when you open it and its completely untouched till you open the lid. Second, we use only traditional brass vessels to make our authentic classic biryanis. Our bawarchis are committed to offer you a delightful experience.

C. Quality

Plenty of Indian cities have a few restaurants (mostly old timers) who are well known for their biryanis, But they have limited presence and hence customers have limited choice for a quality meal. We at Potful, are addressing this issue through our cloud kitchen and central kitchen model to ensure availability of quality biryani across the country.